Sermon Series Ideas for Christmas and Advent

It can be difficult to be original during the Christmas season. There are thousands of Christmas/Advent sermons preached every year across the world and into that mix we want to offer a unique voice and a compelling sermon. To help you as you plan for the coming Christmas season here are a few sermon ideas for your upcoming Christmas sermon/sermon series.

What Christmas Movies Get Right (and Wrong) about the Season


Everyone enjoys a classic Christmas movie, and most Christmas movies are well known by people. This makes them an excellent starting point for a sermon. Maybe you use the Grinch to talk about the virtue of compassion. Maybe you use Miracle on 34th Street to explain the true miracle of Christmas. It is amazing how well your sermon will be understood when it is painted through the lens of another well-known story.

Christmas Memories 

Draw on your congregation to tell their Christmas stories as a foundation on which to build your sermon. The advent season lays out some pretty clear themes (and if you follow advent you have them marked out before you clearly). Wouldn’t it be great if your sermon on the peace of Christmas was paired with a memory/story from a member of your congregation who experienced that peace? This will take a serious effort, but if you send out your request for stories early enough, you should be able to get things together in time. 

Narrative of Christmas 

Every Christmas we take a close look at the Nativity, but the Nativity is a beat in the story of God’s world on the way to the climax at the cross. What would it look like to tell the Christmas story in it’s larger context? Because the Christmas story is really part of a larger narrative.

Be Inspired By Traditions  

There are so many things that make Christmas special to people: lights, trees, foods, parties, etc. All of these are windows into the spirit of Christmas and as such can be used to flesh out as elaborate on God’s intention for Christmas. They may not have Christian origins, but even still traditions connect us to the season of Christmas and can, by extension, connect us to Christ.