Why I Became a Preaching Consultant?


I've met many people in my life that entered into formal ministry training with a love for preaching. They knew, at a gut level, this is something they have always wanted to do and worked hard to get there. I was not one of those people. 

I grew up in the church and had ample opportunity to listen to preachers. But it wasn't until university that I began to get a sense of a calling toward ministry. Even then, although I knew I wanted to serve I didn't have a grand vision of what that service looked like. I finished my university degree and jumped right into seminary.

Near the end of my seminary experience, I signed up for an introduction to preaching course on a whim. I figured that if I was going to be doing ministry I should at least have a basic understanding of preaching. I was surprised to find out that preaching was far more interesting a subject than I realized and that I was not terrible at it. I wasn't the best but I didn't feel like I bombed. 

From there I engaged in more preaching opportunities until I finally stepped out to make myself available as a retreat speaker. It was a joy to speak when I could but I also wasn't able to support myself. As an alternative, I decided to fulfil my passion for preaching by taking the academic route and study it as a PhD student. 

Now nearing the end of that period of study, I was approached by a friend a few months ago to help them with their preaching. They knew what I was studying and thought I could offer them some insight into their efforts as a preacher. I wanted to help but I wasn't sure what I could offer. He sent me a sermon to watch and I did. I watched it many times and I found myself deeply invested in his work. I wanted to encourage my friend and celebrate the great things he was doing. Further, I could see little gaps where a push here or there could help him achieve his goals as a preacher. 

It was one of the best experiences I had ever had. My passion for preaching came alive.

I don't confess to being the best preacher in the world but I realized that I have a passion for coaching people in their preaching. I believe that my experience, my education, and my personality make me an ideal candidate to help preachers. 

Because of this experience, I decided to give consultation a shot and make this website. I would love to help you become more confident and capable in your preaching skills.