Ideas for Your Summer Preaching Series


The summer is fast upon us, and while you may be looking forward to your upcoming vacation, you should also be thinking about what you will be preaching. To help in that pursuit, here is a quick list of a few sermon series ideas that you could run with this summer.

Sermons in the Sun

Scripture is full of stories where God’s light shines on people, and while the sun is bringing the summer heat, you can bring the light of Christ. A series like this is ideal because in the summer people are likely to be away. These absences make it difficult to preach a series that builds week to week. By working with a common theme, in this case, God’s light, you can create a cohesive series that isn’t dependant on consistent attendance.

A Study of Rest

People are gearing up for vacation so take advantage of the season and talk about God’s view of rest. A theology of rest is important. Not only did God rest at the beginning of the Bible He established routines in the life of Israel around rest. The world we live in encourages people to focus on productivity and work, but God calls us all to rest in His presence. Help people embrace a holy rest this summer.

Gearing up for Ministry

Even though it’s the summer, fall is coming. Fall is the busiest season in church life and a great time to bring people into new ministry opportunities. Why not spend a few weeks calling people into ministry? Rather than simply preaching about ministry, you can bring up active members of your community to share their testimony of ministry. You can interview ministry leaders in your church to hear about what God has done through their ministry. However you do it, the summer is a great time to start thinking about the coming season of ministry and calling people into God’s purposes.

A Primer in Your Mission/Purpose

What is your church’s purpose? It is common for churches to have mission statements but how often do you take that statement apart and get into the details of what it means and why it matters? This summer take the time to build excitement for God’s work in your church.

There are some ideas for your summer preaching series. If you have any, you’d like to add, please comment below!