Ideas for Your Fall Preaching Series

fall preaching series ideas.jpg

Fall. The leaves change, students go back to school, the sweaters come out of storage, and the threat of cold winters is looming. In all of this, you should be thinking ahead to what exactly this season of ministry will be about for your preaching. To help you figure that out, here is a quick list of a few sermon series ideas that could make your fall great.

All Things New

The fall is the perfect time to talk about new things. Summer is over, and school is starting which means for a large portion of your congregation, life is about to hit a new routine. In the midst of these fresh starts, it’s a great time to think about how God is making all things new in Christ.

Holy Work

Following Labour Day we all hit something of a rut in our work lives. There are no more upcoming holidays, and the monotony of life is about to set in. This is a great time to challenge people to think about their work not just as a burden or a way of making a living but to inspire people to see their work as a part of their calling. Challenge people to see their job and their ministry as connected.

God’s Bounty

Pumpkin spice, apple pie, and good fresh foods are the markers of fall in contemporary life. These are symbols of a time where the fall was once all about the harvest. While most of us don’t have fields to harvest we do connect fall with the idea of blessing, of the fulfilment of labours, and of abundance. It makes for a fantastic time to talk about God’s plan of salvation, his abundant love, and the future God has for his people.


The only guarantee is that life will change. It will often be difficult, it will make a mess of things, but change is a part of life. Scripture is full of references to God’s providence, to the chaos of life, and of the nature of change and the fall is the perfect time to look closer at how change impacts our lives. Is God really in control? What does it mean for my faith when life seems to fall apart? Where is the good news in the midst of bad times? Change is something that never goes out of season so talk about it this fall.

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