The Feature Preacher Series


When I started the Preaching Consultant, I had one goal in mind to help pastors grow in their preaching skills. One of the key ideas was this: thousands of pastors are working diligently and passionately every week to bring sermons to life, and together we can help each other to be better.

The Feature Preacher Series is a chance for us to hear from each other. Each post will feature a preacher and answer some basic questions about their approach to preaching. I hope that by sharing these insights, we can grow together and gather the collective wisdom of years of pastoral experience across the spectrum.

This series will begin next week with insights from Alvin Lau, Youth Ministries Associate with the CBOQ.


If you are interested in being one of our feature preachers, send an email to along with a brief bio and a link to one of your sermons.