The Mid-Week Consult


Have you ever been in this situation?

You’ve been feeling the pressure from all sides when it comes to your preaching. Your congregation looks bored most Sundays, you aren’t sure if anyone is listening, and a member of the board has been subtly suggesting that the question is about to move from “how you preach” towards “if you’ll be preaching in the long term.”

The Mid-week consult is for you.

It’s about Thursday, and you have been working hard at trying to complete your sermon. You have some good ideas, but you just aren’t sure about what you’ve got.

The Mid-week consult can help you.

Friday rolls around, and you continue working, and something still feels out of place.

“Am I missing a key image?”

“Have I put too much information into my introduction?”

“Is this just boring?”

The Mid-week consult can answer these questions.


When you are stuck there are a few options that you can take:

1)      (most recommended) Be in fervent prayer for God’s direction.

2)      Work harder (although I imagine if you are feeling distressed about your sermon you have already been working hard)

3)      Get some good advice and encouragement

The Mid-week Consult is that source of good advice and encouragement.

The Preaching Consultant is here to be a sounding board, a voice of encouragement in the midst of doubts, and a source for you to develop your sermon.

The Mid-Week Consult is the support you need to get through your most challenging sermon prep. It’s a 1-hour call to talk about your sermon and to brainstorm how to work through your challenges.

Do you need help finding a metaphor for your sermon?

Are you struggling to connect the text to your audience?

Have you made it to your conclusion and are struggling to develop practical applications?

Set up an appointment with the Preaching Consultant today.

Here’s what you get:

1 Hour Consult Call:

You can describe your issue, work through your outline, hit the problem head-on, or even just start preaching your sermon and the Preaching Consultant will give you the direct feedback you need to be ready for Sunday.

Find the Resources You Need:

The Preaching Consultant will take your request and find you the material you need to finish your sermon following your call. Need a compelling story to round out your sermon? The Preaching Consultant will find you three. Need a better metaphor for your big idea? The Preaching Consultant will bring you two. Need more practical application for your sermon? The Preaching Consultant will come up with seven. Whatever you need if the Preaching Consultant does not have it they will find it for you ASAP.

Prayer Support:

We serve a God who is longing to get his message shared. Sometimes we need to give up and pray. Don’t pray alone. I will pray with you and continue to pray for you through the week.

A Voice of Encouragement:

In the chaos of pastoral ministry, you may not yet realize that your sermon is already well on the way to being exactly what you are trying to do. You need someone to listen and reflect on your sermon and let you know where it is at. The Preaching Consultant will be a support to you and encourage you in your preaching this week.