New Article Published in the Centre for Post-Christendom Studies Journal


As part of my academic work, I was recently invited to write an article for the McMaster Divinity Centre for Post-Christendom Studies Journal.

The article has been published online and can be found here.

The article is titled and reflects some of the material in my dissertation:

Wayfinding: Developing a New Metaphor for the Preacher

Here is the thesis:

Using the theme of Polynesian navigation, this article argues that the preacher is a navigator and that, like the Polynesian navigator, the preacher helps to orient the congregation. It argues that preaching relies on a correlative relationship between the church and God. As such, the preacher cannot sustain their preaching alone. They are guided by God’s presence in the world and in his word to lead the church in remembering God’s past action in order to call the church to anticipate God’s future action.

Check it out if you are interested.