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Creativity, Sharing Your Ideas, and Failure: Insights on Preaching Drawn from Ed Catmull’s Creativity Inc.

Catmull’s book shares his insights into leading at Pixar and the lessons he has learned about building and managing creative teams. As I read, I came across some ideas that have clear merits for us as preachers. In this post, I’m going to pull out three quotes and talk about how they inspire me as a preacher.

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Four Ways to Get Unstuck in Your Sermon Writing without Simply Working Harder

You are working hard but, despite this effort, you remain stuck.

You are looking for some kind of traction that will allow you to move forward but, like the car stuck in the mud spinning its tires, working harder is not always the solution.

Sometimes you need to step away from the grind and try a different approach to getting unstuck.

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