Are You a Student?


Are you learning to preach?

Your first sermons can be stressful.

My first preaching experience was in front of a class of students. We were all stressed and I had the fortune of being chosen to preach first. It was a lot of pressure.

A friend of mine offered to sit and listen to the sermon. He gave me some kind words of encouragement and pointed out a few places I could improve. His help calmed my nerves (somewhat) and gave me confidence in what I was trying to do.

You might be feeling similar nerves in your context. Maybe its a preaching class, or a placement, or just your first opportunity to preach. Whatever the case, wouldn’t it be great to get some feedback right out of the gate? or just before you have to present it to a large group?

If so, the Preaching Consultant wants to support you by offering a free one-hour consultation.

I can help point you in the right direction and encourage you as you learn.